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Happy Birthday, Crispin and Junie!

Tomorrow, November 19th, is Junie’s 1st birthday.  We’re not sure when Crispin was born, but based on other information we do have from his previous owners, we’re guessing that he and Junie are nearly the same age.  So we’re celebrating their birthdays together!


I ordered them the mini-haven from Binky Bunny.  It’s like a maze/tower contraption.  Check it out!

Lots to explore!

We took out the Box Kingdom and put this in.  Both bunnies were very interested!

Junie debates whether entering this new thing is a good idea or not.

Meanwhile, Crispin’s already inside exploring.

Junie ventures in eventually.

Crispin jumps up to the second level!

Hello out there!

There’s more up here?!

Junie pokes her head up to level 2.

Looks like the coast is clear!

Hey there!

Junie takes a dive out the window.

Neither of them have jumped all the way up to the top yet (maybe that’s a good thing??), but I’m sure they will eventually.  They’ve had fun jumping inside and out and they’ve already begun chewing on various parts of it.

Happy Birthday, Crispin and Junie!!

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Box Kingdom!

Last week there were a bunch of sturdy boxes at school.  I grabbed some and created a BOX KINGDOM for Junie and Crispin!  I cut holes in the boxes, then stacked them together.  We’ll see what they think.  Here it is:

Front side.  There are entrances on the bottom right (shown) or from the left side (not visible here).

Second side.  There’s a window for the top level.

Looking into the window, you can see the hole in the top floor.  They should be able to jump up from the bottom floor into the second level.

Looking through the big box into the smaller box.

Junie came out briefly to explore, but then went back for more sleeping.

We’ll see what Crispin thinks of it later when he’s more awake!


I think it’s a hit!

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Bunny Miscellany

1.  The Diggy Box.  It is destroyed.  RIP.

2.  Crispin and Junie snuggle a lot.

3.  A new toy.  Junie liked it quite a bit, but Crispin just wanted grooming.  He stubbornly left his head over the toy, but Junie just kept chewing and playing!

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A Year with Nibbles

A year ago today, Matt and I drove downtown to the Washington Humane Society.  A couple hours later, we were walking back to our car with a very scared little bunny in a striped carrier.  He was shaking all the way home and crouched in the corner of his cage for the whole evening.  The next morning, he had found his water and food bowl.  He slowly began to trust us and would creep out of his cage into his pen.  He got more and more comfortable with us petting him and kissing his little bunny head.  He got bigger (MUCH bigger!) and we expanded his home accordingly.  I read tons and tons about caring for rabbits and we’ve tried to do our best in caring for ours.

We’ve had that little bunny a whole year now and it’s hard to imagine not having him!  Nibbles was my first venture into pet-land and I don’t ever want to go back to no-pet-land.  It’s been so much fun getting to know him and seeing his little personality evolve and change over the last 12 months.  We’ve given him so much stuff, but he’s given back a lot, too.  Sometimes, the best part of the day after a stressful 45+ minute commute is sitting down in his pen and petting him.  I love when he snuggles up next to me and chatters his teeth when I rub his cheeks.  Who wouldn’t love petting a cuddly, soft, fluffy bunny??  It’s the best.

So, in honor of Nibbles’ first “gotcha day,” I’m sharing some my favorite pictures and videos of Nibbles plus some new pictures from today.  He got a couple treats and toys (I can’t resist!!!) this evening.  Here we go:

This is Nibbles at just over 2 months old.  It was the picture from the WHS website.

Nibbles is on the far right.  This is another picture from the WHS website showing him with his mom (black) and his four siblings.

Early November 2011.  Nibbles playing in his pen!

All flopped over and cozy!

Snuggling with Matt.

Flopping is a bunny’s way to show that he feels comfortable and safe.

Curious boy on his shelf.

Gimme that hay!

Bath tub time!

I love that I caught his tongue sticking out!

Typical Nibbles position.  All stretched out on the second shelf.

He loves running around in the hallway!

These are some of the first videos of Nibbles.

And another one from December 2011 (he’s almost 4 months old here and jumps all over the place!):

OK, OK, enough reminiscing!  Here are the new photos from today:

Nibbles’ loot.  A yucca wood rolling chew toy plus a treat box full of hay and little treat bits.

We gave him the treat box first.

Then we gave him the chew toy.  It has little holes and spaces in it, so if you want to stuff extra treats or hay in it you can.

He seemed to like it so far!

Nom, nom, nom!  Nibbles loves chewing anything (hence, his name)!  We opened it for him.  He would’ve gotten inside eventually, but I am impatient and wanted to see him get to the hay!  Here he is, enjoying his hay box:

We love you, Nibbles!!

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What Storm? Nibbles Hasn’t a Care in the World.

Despite the fact that Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast, Nibbles didn’t seem to mind.  He had fun last night playing with a wiffle ball toy.  I attached a plastic baby ring toy to either side of the ball, then attached one of the rings to the side of his cage.  He was digging at it, chewing it, batting it around, pulling, and poking!


I finally took it off the cage bars.  Nibbles had a good time tossing it around!

After all that exercise, Nibbles took a hay break.


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