A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

24+ Hours Home

The past 24+ hours have included…


[Junie and Crispin were sitting together, and Nibbles shoved his way in between.  He’s polite like that.]


IMG_4382…more snuggling…



IMG_4394…sayin’ hey to their hoomins…

IMG_4396…and being buddies.

There’s also been copious amounts of flopping (new bunny is a great flopper), but I haven’t gotten any good pictures of that yet.  They’re getting along great and it’s been fun being surrounded by bunnies again!!


Long Time, No See, Blog!

OK, I’ve been a terrible blogger.  November and December at school just about did me in.  Between the two months, we have a total of 28 school days (not a standard 38-40).  We also have Parent/Teacher Conferences, a Thanksgiving feast, ten thousand Christmas-related activities to make/complete/wrap, Christmas parties, Christmas program rehearsals, and a multitude of seemingly endless special events.  Thankfully, a two week break was taken for Christmas and I’m feeling a bit refreshed.  January is always nice because we have one three day weekend and all the rest of the month is just normal.  No field trips.  No programs.  No special events.  It’s good.


Anyway, on the bunny front, we’ve had a lot happening.  Way too much to really do a thorough catch up, but here are some highlights:

-Both Junie and Nibbles had bouts of gassy tummies.  Thankfully, with a dose or two of simethicone, they were okay by the next day and we didn’t have to take a trip to the vet.

-All three buns traveled with us over Christmas to my in-laws, about 4 hours away.  The last time we went, Nibbles did pretty well with everything and Junie and Crispin seemed very agitated the whole time.  This time, it was the opposite!  Nibbles would not let me pet him the whole time, while J&C seemed fairly at ease.

-The bunnies were totally spoiled at Christmas!!  We bought them the Living Things Teach ‘N Treat and the large willow “twigloos” found on wag.com.  The twigloos stayed actual twigloos for about 3 days.  After that, they were so chewed apart, they really became a mangled pile of sticks.




Aaaand, the twigloos today:

Twigloo 2


RIP Twigloos.

-The bunnies were also spoiled by their Grandma and Great-Aunt (hehe).  They had treats, hay boxes, chew toys, grass mats, and the maze/tunnel from binkybunny.com!  We haven’t given them all that yet.  We’re trying to space it out so they have lots of fun things to play with for a long time!

-On New Year’s Day, we celebrated by doing a MASSIVE cleaning of the bunnies’ pen.  We ended up replacing the sheets with indoor/outdoor carpets (the same as J&C have in their run-around area).  We’re hoping it will be much easier to clean.


Mid-clean (notice the bright windows).  Cages completely moved, living room a complete mess.  Bunnies in the office.


Finished CleanLiving room, post-clean (notice the darkened windows).  Bunnies safely returned home.  All fresh carpeting.

Lint Catcher 2When we washed and dried the sheets, we had mounds of hair.

Lint catcherThis is after about 5 minutes of drying.  I had to keep shaking off the excess!  Umm, gross.

I think that’s plenty for one post.  More coming soon…including video (with my new video camera from the in-laws!), and blog awards.

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Quite a Bit of Bunny Goings On

There’s been quite a bit going on in our very bunny household!


Monday evening, right before heading to bed, I got into Nibbles’ pen to pet him for a few minutes.  He was very non-responsive, which was odd.  He refused anything I offered:  hay, water, veggies, even treats.  He didn’t look so good and his ears were very cold.  For the next two hours, we tried to make him comfy and offered him as many different food options as we could think of.  He wouldn’t take any of it.  I finally gave him some anti-gas meds and hoped for the best.  The next morning, he ate some pellets, but had obviously not eaten any hay overnight.  Matt watched him throughout the day and he just seemed very lethargic, although he was picking at some hay and was pooping some.  Since he wasn’t getting any worse, we decided to forgo the vet and keep monitoring him.  By Wednesday he seemed to be almost back to normal.  That afternoon I noticed a BUNCH of strung together poops in his litter box.  I think he was a bit constipated from excess hair in his system.  I brushed him for awhile in the tub and got a lot of hair off him.  I knew he was shedding, but I didn’t think it was quite as bad as it was.  I feel bad that we let it go and it nearly made him ill!  I’m glad he pulled through okay and we didn’t have to drive him up to the vet’s office.


Today I cleaned out the bunny pens.  They don’t like this at all because the vacuum is awfully loud and it’s on for awhile.  Usually when I clean out Junie and Crispin’s area I shut them out of the main pen (which they hate) and leave them in their run around area.  This morning they both looked like they were going to either try jumping up on top of the pen or where going to try to break back into the pen.  I finally locked them both in the carrier (which they hated even more) while I finished cleaning.  I peaked in at one point and saw this:



Poor widdle bunnies!!

After I was finished I let them out and back into the main pen.  And gave them treats to make up for all the horribleness I had placed in their lives.  Then it was Nibbles’ turn.

I lured him out of his pen and into the living room with a raisin, then locked him out.  He was very confused and upset with this.

“Let me back in!!”

After I was finished with his pen, I opened the gate back up.  Nibbles was nowhere to be found.  Finally, I spotted him hiding under the table:


Treats were given and all was okay again.  Their eventful morning made Junie very sleepy.  Junie was flopped over several times and even let me take pictures!  Usually if she hears you, she’ll pop up again, but she stayed still while I snapped these:

AND THEN.  Later.  I got this on video:

You never know when they’re going to do it, so I was excited she flopped while I was filming!  I think flopping is my favorite thing bunnies do 🙂


Box Kingdom!

Last week there were a bunch of sturdy boxes at school.  I grabbed some and created a BOX KINGDOM for Junie and Crispin!  I cut holes in the boxes, then stacked them together.  We’ll see what they think.  Here it is:

Front side.  There are entrances on the bottom right (shown) or from the left side (not visible here).

Second side.  There’s a window for the top level.

Looking into the window, you can see the hole in the top floor.  They should be able to jump up from the bottom floor into the second level.

Looking through the big box into the smaller box.

Junie came out briefly to explore, but then went back for more sleeping.

We’ll see what Crispin thinks of it later when he’s more awake!


I think it’s a hit!

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Diggy Box

Crispin has been a bad bunny lately.


The other week we bought a black indoor/outdoor carpet to put down in Crispin and Junie’s play area.  Crispin likes digging at our (rental apartment) carpet, which will make it difficult for us to get our security deposit returned one day.  We figure it’s better for him to chew on the cheap carpet than our rental one.  The cheap carpet is, however, cheap, and Crispin can chew a hole in it in about 15 seconds.  So we still have to keep an eye on him.


This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for church.  Five minutes, no joke, five minutes go by without me checking on him and he’s pulled the carpet through the bars of their fence and has chewed a massive hole (or ten) in it.  Having finally had enough, I quickly threw together a diggy box.  Crispin likes to dig, so why not put a bunch of stuff in a box and put it over the spot on the carpet where he likes to dig?  He’ll have fun and our cheap carpet will be saved some holes.


So I got a box, cut off the lid flaps and put a bunch of shredded paper packaging in it.  He and Junie got in to explore this new thing in their area.


What is this stuff?

Junie enjoyed pushing the packaging paper around.

Here they are being good little bunnies:

After a few minutes of poking and prodding the stuff, Crispin decided that was boring and started work on a new project.  Rather than digging in the packaging paper like he’s supposed to, he chose to push it all out of the way and chew on the edge of the box.

Chew, chew, chew, chew, chew….

Then Junie decided to get in on the action:


After an hour or so in the morning and a few hours this afternoon, their diggy box looks like this:


We turned it around and they started chewing on the other end, too.

Crispin stands by his handiwork.

I think Crispin thought the main idea of this box was to create a barrier between him and his precious carpet.  And he’s right.  So he valiantly took on the challenge of destroying the box to get back to the carpet.  Silly bunny…

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