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Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

What Storm? Nibbles Hasn’t a Care in the World.

Despite the fact that Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast, Nibbles didn’t seem to mind.  He had fun last night playing with a wiffle ball toy.  I attached a plastic baby ring toy to either side of the ball, then attached one of the rings to the side of his cage.  He was digging at it, chewing it, batting it around, pulling, and poking!


I finally took it off the cage bars.  Nibbles had a good time tossing it around!

After all that exercise, Nibbles took a hay break.


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A Weekend with the Bunnies

Here is our bunny weekend summary:


1.  Junie and Crispin have pretty much destroyed the new fun willow toy they got on Wednesday.  Also, we bought an indoor/outdoor rug to cover their run around space.  Now if they dig at it, they won’t be digging at the apartment carpet!

Crispin is finishing off some of the last bits.

R.I.P. Twigloo.

2.  Junie continues to be an extremely stubborn bunny when it comes to getting brushed.  She has all these little tufts of fur hangin’ off her behind and she jumps away whenever you even move toward her to grab some.

Junie’s “skirt.”  All the white bits are bits that should be picked off.

There are also several bits on her sides.  Please notice her disgruntled bunny stare.

3.  Nibbles played “Where’s Waldo?” yesterday.  Can you spot him??

Where’s Nibbles???

I call that corner of his pen his office because it’s where he stashes all the torn up bits of paper he has.

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A Great Deal!

Wag.com:  It’s a pet supply website that mainly has items for cats and dogs, but they do have a fairly nice selection of items for small animals, including (of course!) rabbits!  A while ago (not sure how long…couple months maybe?) I created an account to order some stuff, but then decided not to.  Fast forward to Monday.  I got an email from them saying I had been given a $15 credit on my account–no strings attached!  I checked it out and they had indeed put $15 in my account!  I was able to buy three things for the bunnies and only paid $5 in shipping costs.  One of the great things about the order (besides the free money to spend!) was that the order I placed Monday afternoon got here today (Wednesday)!  I live in VA and the order shipped from PA.

I would definitely recommend signing up for their site if you have pets–maybe you’ll get the credit, too!  It was certainly a nice surprise.


Anyway, the bunnies seem to really like the stuff they got so far.  I’m saving the bag of timothy hay cubes for later.  Gotta spread out the presents, ya know?  Don’t want those bunnies to be too spoiled… 😉


First up, Nibbles’ new toy.  It looks kinda gross, but it’s a dowel rod with dried apple slices wrapped around it!

Nibbles tentatively takes a sniff and a lick.

Nibbles tests it out.

I think he likes it!

Intense bunny chewing face = toy success!

The destruction after just a few minutes.

Next, Crispin and Junie were introduced to their new toy.

It seems unassuming enough.  A wicker basket that can double as a hiding spot.

Nothing too fancy.

Crispin checks it out first.

It’s good!

Now Junie hops over to make sure Crispin’s not having all the fun.


Both of them sat there for quite a while, just chewing away.

I’ll let you know how the timothy hay cubes go over with the bunnies later.  Since it’s food, I’m guessing they’ll like it well enough!

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An Outing for Junie and Crispin

We’ve let Nibbles roam around the apartment before.  So last night it was finally Junie and Crispin’s turn.  We opened up their regular pen and let them explore the dining room and hallway.  Lucky for us, both of the bunnies (like Nibbles) do not like going onto the linoleum in the kitchen!  Natural bunny-proofing.  Anyway, here are some (…a lot of…) pictures from their evening adventure:


Junie was slightly timid at first.  Yes, there was thumping.


Crispin bounds back into their regular pen to make sure all is safe at home.

Crispin explores off-limits areas.


Junie sprints down the hallway.


Crispin moved too fast to get very good pictures!

Crispin developed a love affair with the door stoppers.  He chinned ALL of them.  Multiple times.


Junie takes a quick break to pose for the camera.

Can I squeeze under there?  Naah…

Sniffin’ around.

This picture looks like Crispin is…umm…ready to go boom-boom, but I just caught him mid-turn.  Promise.

They finally slowed down enough for me to get a picture of them together!

Again…not boom-boom…just awkward camera timing.


“Can I jump it?”

Plotting their next exploration strategy.

More door stopper love.

Finally taking a break…

…but just for a second.  Matt lay down and instantly became a climbing toy!

Very fun!

Hoppin’ down.

Junie’s turn!

No more pictures!  *sticking out tongue*

Junie decides a break is in order, too.

Video of their exploits coming soon!

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A NEW Tunnel!

As described in a previous post, Junie and Crispin have enjoyed a soda box tunnel constructed by yours truly.  Well, the tunnel has been around since mid-July and now in mid-October, the tunnel was starting to show some unfortunate wear and tear.  I’d say 3 months is a pretty good life span for a cardboard bunny toy.

I’ve been collecting soda boxes again and had enough to start a new tunnel for them!  I put it together Saturday night (it was much more fun than watching the baseball game Matt had on).  The bunnies had fun exploring it!  Watch the video below to see them going in and out of their new toy!

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