A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Quite a Bit of Bunny Goings On

There’s been quite a bit going on in our very bunny household!


Monday evening, right before heading to bed, I got into Nibbles’ pen to pet him for a few minutes.  He was very non-responsive, which was odd.  He refused anything I offered:  hay, water, veggies, even treats.  He didn’t look so good and his ears were very cold.  For the next two hours, we tried to make him comfy and offered him as many different food options as we could think of.  He wouldn’t take any of it.  I finally gave him some anti-gas meds and hoped for the best.  The next morning, he ate some pellets, but had obviously not eaten any hay overnight.  Matt watched him throughout the day and he just seemed very lethargic, although he was picking at some hay and was pooping some.  Since he wasn’t getting any worse, we decided to forgo the vet and keep monitoring him.  By Wednesday he seemed to be almost back to normal.  That afternoon I noticed a BUNCH of strung together poops in his litter box.  I think he was a bit constipated from excess hair in his system.  I brushed him for awhile in the tub and got a lot of hair off him.  I knew he was shedding, but I didn’t think it was quite as bad as it was.  I feel bad that we let it go and it nearly made him ill!  I’m glad he pulled through okay and we didn’t have to drive him up to the vet’s office.


Today I cleaned out the bunny pens.  They don’t like this at all because the vacuum is awfully loud and it’s on for awhile.  Usually when I clean out Junie and Crispin’s area I shut them out of the main pen (which they hate) and leave them in their run around area.  This morning they both looked like they were going to either try jumping up on top of the pen or where going to try to break back into the pen.  I finally locked them both in the carrier (which they hated even more) while I finished cleaning.  I peaked in at one point and saw this:



Poor widdle bunnies!!

After I was finished I let them out and back into the main pen.  And gave them treats to make up for all the horribleness I had placed in their lives.  Then it was Nibbles’ turn.

I lured him out of his pen and into the living room with a raisin, then locked him out.  He was very confused and upset with this.

“Let me back in!!”

After I was finished with his pen, I opened the gate back up.  Nibbles was nowhere to be found.  Finally, I spotted him hiding under the table:


Treats were given and all was okay again.  Their eventful morning made Junie very sleepy.  Junie was flopped over several times and even let me take pictures!  Usually if she hears you, she’ll pop up again, but she stayed still while I snapped these:

AND THEN.  Later.  I got this on video:

You never know when they’re going to do it, so I was excited she flopped while I was filming!  I think flopping is my favorite thing bunnies do 🙂


Grooming…with Junie

Nibbles is FINALLY nearing the end of his massive shedding.  He probably has a few more weeks until he’s really done, but it should be lighter than the last month.  I was so glad that we would have a little less bunny fur floating around in the air.  Then I realized…Junie was shedding.  Pretty bad.


More tub dates for us!!


She apparently decided it was time for a massive shed, too, so I figured I should get her in on the tub date action.  Unlike Nibbles who can be picked up with some effort, Junie absolutely will NOT let you pick her up.  She squirms and jumps so much I can’t keep hold of her.  So I pulled out the carrier.  As soon as she saw that she started thumping at me.  I cornered her near her pen and she wanted so desperately to get away that she JUMPED up onto the pen wall and was trying to scramble up onto the top to escape.  Thankfully I got her down quickly and stuffed her stubborn butt into the carrier.


Once in the tub, I started brushing.  Unlike Nibbles (again), she doesn’t just lay down and take it.  She was hopping around everywhere, crawling on me, and generally trying to figure out in her little bunny head how to get away.  I managed to get a fair amount off of her (in between picture-taking)…






…before taking her back to her pen.  Thumping ensued (Crispin at 0:14 and Junie at 0:31 and 0:40):

She’s now slightly less hairy.  I predict more tub dates in her future.

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Nibbles Thumps His Disapproval

Since Nibbles is shedding so heavily at the moment, I’m taking him to the tub for almost nightly grooming sessions.  It’s definitely not his favorite activity.  After we finish, I carry him home.  Predictably, after I’ve put him down, he thumps at me to show his displeasure.  I become the treat dispenser (Junie usually gets in on this action, too) and all is forgiven (I guess).  See it for yourself:


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A Trip to the Torturarium

This morning started out quite normally for the buns.  They got breakfast, they ran around, they pooped.  Then, around 9:40 a.m., they were stuffed into horrid boxes and driven around for 45 minutes before they arrived at…

the torturarium.

Also known as the vet.  We decided to take them for a yearly check up and ask the vet some questions.  All of them had heartbeats around/over 200.  So, it’s not like they were scared or anything.  The vet was so awesome, though.  Dr. Crum checked their eyes, ears, heartbeat, lungs, feet/nails, tummies, teeth, and weight.  Upon checking Nibbles’ tummy, he exclaimed, “Wow, you’ve got a lot of poops in there!”  Junie’s tummy got a similar response with, “Those are some big Cocoa Puffs you’ve got in there.”  Overall, everything looks a-okay on everybody.  Crispin was the only bun with some slightly curved teeth, which isn’t a problem now, but may mean he’ll have to have his teeth sanded down in the future.  Here are their weight stats:

Nibbles:  4.14 lbs.

Crispin:  3.15 lbs.

Junie:  3.04 lbs.

Not too shabby.  On the way home, Nibbles was breathing so loud and fast that we could hear his little nose making squeaking noises.  It was pretty pathetic.  When we let them out at home I gave them each a baby carrot to make up for the ordeal.  Crispin eagerly took his, but Nibbles initially turned up his nose at it.  Junie never touched hers, so I eventually gave her some dried papaya cubes that she gladly took.  Once Nibbles had calmed down a bit more, I tried again and he ate his carrot somewhat suspiciously.  We were given many disapproving looks throughout the rest of the afternoon:

“Why, human, why??”

“I disapprove of your antics, human.”

“Stay away, evil caretaker!”

Unfortunately, this week isn’t going to be too kind to the bunnies.  On Friday, we’re going out of town and the buns are coming along.  A 4+ hour drive, smaller-than-usual quarters for the weekend, and a return drive won’t be too fun for them.  But they’ll survive.  We’ll give them extra treats to make up for the injustices in their world.


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