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Tricks and Treats for Nibbles

I’ve seen a ton of rabbit videos on YouTube, but some of my favorites are videos in which the rabbits do a trick.  Rabbits are (apparently) quite trainable, though we’ve never really tried with our bunnies.  After seeing this video, I thought I’d try training Nibbles to do the same thing.  It’s a simple spin trick for a treat:

On Saturday night, Nibbles and I practiced.  I had a small handful of pellets to reward him with.  I said “Spin!” as I moved my hand (with pellets) in a circle and made him follow it before I gave him his treat.  We did it about 10 times and he was following pretty good some of the time.

We practiced again last night and tonight.  He’s getting very good at spinning in a complete circle while following my hand with a pellet in it.  Saturday and Sunday nights he would follow my hand half way around and then stop or he wouldn’t follow at all.  Tonight I had him spin at least 12 times and he was following in a full circle very quickly.  He wouldn’t respond to just me saying, “spin,” but I think we’re getting closer.

I’ll keep you updated on how the training goes!

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