A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

24+ Hours Home

The past 24+ hours have included…


[Junie and Crispin were sitting together, and Nibbles shoved his way in between.  He’s polite like that.]


IMG_4382…more snuggling…



IMG_4394…sayin’ hey to their hoomins…

IMG_4396…and being buddies.

There’s also been copious amounts of flopping (new bunny is a great flopper), but I haven’t gotten any good pictures of that yet.  They’re getting along great and it’s been fun being surrounded by bunnies again!!


They’re Baaaack!!

This morning I drove up to Columbia, MD to pick up the bunnies from the bunny bonder’s house!  I was SO excited to finally be getting them back–it’s been weird without them around the apartment.  I arrived around 10:30, packed up the bunnies, signed the official adoption contract for the new bunny, and we were on our way home!


When we got back, I opened their carriers and let them into their new home together.  Nibbles, Crispin, and Junie were all running around, sniffing everything, chinning everything, and exploring their new and improved pen.  New bunny (name coming soon!) seemed a little more shy and scared of things and has stayed pretty quiet so far.  We’ve connected J&C’s old pen with Nibbles’ pen, so now it’s extra big for the four of them.  I made a quick video of their explorations:

So far, they’ve been spending time exploring and resting.  They’re all getting along really well, too!  It’s good to have them back home 🙂  I’ll leave you with a few more pictures:









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Bunny Bonding Update!

I have been DYING to call the bunny bonder since we dropped the bunnies off Sunday afternoon.  I know she’s busy, though, and she said she would call me with updates.  I figured no news was good news, but I really wanted to see how they were doing!  She called tonight with great news–the four buns are getting along wonderfully!  She said there had been no more scrapping or unfriendliness and they all seem to like each other pretty well.  The new bunny also seems to be fitting in nicely and is coming out of her shell a bit.  She offered to let me pick them up this weekend, but said they would have to be kept in a neutral area of the house.  We really don’t have anywhere like that in our apartment, so I (very reluctantly) said she should probably keep them for another week or so.  We’ll be working this weekend on combining Nibbles pen with Junie and Crispin’s to make one big space for them, along with deodorizing everything they’ve used that can’t be replaced.


Anyway, we’re so excited to hear that things are going well and even MORE excited that there’s a tentative pick up date in place!  I’ll post any other updates I get as soon as I hear from her.  🙂

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The Bunnies are Gone

It’s really quiet in the apartment.  No sounds of munching hay.  No hippity-hoppity bunny feet.  No little eyes peeking through the bars on their pen.


It’s really weird and really lonely.


This morning I drove all three bunnies up to Maryland (about 1.5 hours away) and left them at the “bunny whisperer’s” house.  She’s going to bond Nibbles, Crispin, and Junie with a new bunny.  She’s a big brown rabbit who doesn’t have a name yet.  When I got up there, we put all four together in a small pen.  I was really nervous that Crispin and Nibbles would tear into each other, but I was completely surprised.  At first they just kinda hopped past each other and ignored each other.  Then after a few minutes, Crispin started licking Nibbles’ head and ears!  They all did really well together for about an hour.  Nibbles tried to hump Crispin a couple times, which Crispin didn’t appreciate AT ALL.  There was a bit of fur pulling, but no biting or mean chasing.  I left after awhile and headed home.  It was hard to leave them, but it’ll be GREAT to have them all bonded together in a couple weeks.


I took pictures before I packed them up this morning.  Little cuties 🙂

Crispin Cutie


Junie Cutie



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This is the biggest news to hit “A Very Bunny Existence” EVER.

Can you guess?  Can ya???  Oh, I’ll just tell you:

We’re getting another bunny!!!!


This is huge.  I’m so excited!!  I convinced Matt to let me take Nibbles to a bunny match up in Maryland today.  I wanted to see what he would do with another rabbit.  If he seemed interested, then we could bond him with another bun.  If he seemed uncomfortable and hated all other bunnies, then we would just leave him as a single bun.

Well, the dates went great!  We put him with several cute bunny ladies and he was fairly indifferent through most of them.  At the end, we put in a large brown bunny that didn’t have a name.  He sniffed her, requested grooming from her, and the two of them ended up snuggling for quite awhile!  Here they are:


That was good enough for me!  He seemed relaxed with her and she seemed fairly content as well.  We’re planning to adopt her through Friends of Rabbits.  They have an official rabbit bonder (the same woman who bonded Crispin and Junie in July).  I asked her if she thought all FOUR rabbits could be bonded.  She said sure!  So next Saturday, I’m going to bring all three of our buns back to the bunny bonder’s house in Maryland.  The people keeping the brown bunny will bring her, too (she’s in Baltimore right now).  The only bad part of all this is that she said it would probably take 2-3 weeks before all of them were properly bonded.  I am going to miss them SO MUCH!!!  But hopefully in the end, it’ll all be worth it.  We’ll be able to take down the barrier between their two pens and they’ll have one GIANT pen to live in!  It’ll also make cleaning and traveling easier.

More updates to come!

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