A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

24+ Hours Home

The past 24+ hours have included…


[Junie and Crispin were sitting together, and Nibbles shoved his way in between.  He’s polite like that.]


IMG_4382…more snuggling…



IMG_4394…sayin’ hey to their hoomins…

IMG_4396…and being buddies.

There’s also been copious amounts of flopping (new bunny is a great flopper), but I haven’t gotten any good pictures of that yet.  They’re getting along great and it’s been fun being surrounded by bunnies again!!


Bunny Miscellany

1.  The Diggy Box.  It is destroyed.  RIP.

2.  Crispin and Junie snuggle a lot.

3.  A new toy.  Junie liked it quite a bit, but Crispin just wanted grooming.  He stubbornly left his head over the toy, but Junie just kept chewing and playing!

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Quick Video from Tonight

Crispin is definitely making up for lost petting time!

Did you notice him licking my PJs at the end?  He’s so considerate 🙂

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Crispin and Matt…Snuggle Buddies

Matt lay down.

Crispin hopped up.

Matt started petting.

Crispin settled in nicely.

C Kisses


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Buns on Laps

I love having a bunny on my lap.  They’re all warm and fuzzy and soft.  Unfortunately, Junie stopped hopping on my lap at age 9(ish) weeks.  Nibbles has never willingly hopped on my lap.  Crispin, though, will hop up on a lap from time to time.


C lapHoppin’ up.

C lap kissesCrispin, reaching up for kisses.

There is one occasion where Nibbles is so uncomfortable that he will half climb into my lap in hopes of escaping.  Yes, that’s right:  the dreaded bathtub.  A couple nights ago, he started resting his head on my crossed legs and smushing himself as close to me as possible, trying to get away from the grooming brush.  It’s now his go-to position in the tub.

Poor nibbles.

Closer up to see the pain.

Comforting the poor bunny as best I can.

He’ll be a snuggle bun yet!

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