A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

The Day After

The ride home yesterday really wore those bunnies out.  They flopped over soon after we got home and stayed flopped for most of the evening.  They’ve been pretty sluggish today, too.  Poor bunnies…


C out“So tired…can’t move…”

J tired“I’ve got my…*yawn*…eye on…you…”

N tongueNibbles disapproves of car trips so much he stuck out his tongue.

N floppedCozy at home.

N climbingNibbles was a bit more awake than the other two.

Hopefully they’ll be back to their usual bouncy selves tomorrow.

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Another (Series of) Sad Day(s) for the Buns

Friday morning we fed the bunnies.  Then we loaded them into their carriers…again.  We didn’t take them to the vet this time, but we did take them on a four+ hour drive down to Matt’s parents’ house in southwest Virginia.

They were not happy with the proceedings:

N in car“We just did this on Monday!!  How much can a rabbit take?!”

C&J in car“Get us out of this thing!!”

When we arrived, they had some pretty nice digs set up for them.  Nibbles settled in fairly well (surprise, surprise), but Crispin and Junie were thumping and seemed agitated.  Yes, the set-up is smaller than what they’re used to, but it was better than a cage.  They calmed down a bit when treats were introduced to the picture.  Here’s their home-away-from home:

The bunnies in DublinPretty sweet.

N in DublinOriginally, Nibbles’ litter box was under the water bottle and his food wasn’t dumped on the floor.  He decided to rearrange.

C&J in DublinCrispin and Junie, probably plotting their escape.

C in Dublin“I can has outs?”

We’re heading home a little later today, so they’ll be able to snuggle in to their usual space by dinner time.  Poor, spoiled little bunnies…


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