A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Box Kingdom!

on November 11, 2012

Last week there were a bunch of sturdy boxes at school.  I grabbed some and created a BOX KINGDOM for Junie and Crispin!  I cut holes in the boxes, then stacked them together.  We’ll see what they think.  Here it is:

Front side.  There are entrances on the bottom right (shown) or from the left side (not visible here).

Second side.  There’s a window for the top level.

Looking into the window, you can see the hole in the top floor.  They should be able to jump up from the bottom floor into the second level.

Looking through the big box into the smaller box.

Junie came out briefly to explore, but then went back for more sleeping.

We’ll see what Crispin thinks of it later when he’s more awake!


I think it’s a hit!


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