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A Smorgasbord of Pictures and Videos

Since Crispin has to take his medicine for the next little while and since he won’t take it without it being mixed with baby food, I decided that all the bunnies should get a little baby food treat after dinner.  Pureed fruit–what’s not to like?

Here’s Crispin with his apple/banana/medicine blend.  He likes it (and I had focusing issues…sorry):

Next, Junie wasn’t going to let Crispin have all the treats.  She gladly licked up some apple/banana baby food (without the medicine, but all over her face, thank you):

And, of course, not wanting to be left out of the party, Nibbles helped himself to some deliciousness, too:


Earlier today and yesterday I took some pictures of Junie and Crispin.  First, we have Junie sitting on Crispin’s head.  Lovely!

Later on, though, she was feeling more compassionate and offered her snuggling services:


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Sleeping Up High

Nibbles has a very specific sleeping routine for his mornings, afternoons, and early evenings.  He sleeps in certain places during certain parts of the day.  For example, in the mornings after he’s eaten his pellets, he’ll plop himself down on the side of his pen farthest from the windows.  In the afternoons, he’s usually on the short end near the utility closet.  And in the early evenings, he hides himself in his box.  Sometimes in the mornings, he’ll switch things up and sleep on the second shelf in his pen.


There is one spot, though, that I have NEVER seen Nibbles sleep on.  Ever.  Maybe he sleeps up there at night when we’re not around.  But during the day, Nibbles NEVER sleeps up on the third shelf of his pen.  It’s not huge (just two panels wide) and there’s not much to do up there.  He’ll hop up there every so often to take a look around, but it’s not usually a spot he stays in for long.


Well, this morning, I looked over and what should I see?  It was Nibbles.  Up on the third shelf.  Sleeping.  I couldn’t believe it.  So I snapped some pictures to memorialize the occasion.

N 3rd ShelfSleepy bunny licking (more on that in a moment).


N 3rd Shelf 2Half-awake.

Here’s what’s actually going on in that first picture:  sheet licking.

I’m not entirely sure why he does this.  But he does it a lot.  Sometimes he’ll lick so much, that he’ll leave a big wet spot on the sheets!  Some people think rabbits do it because they associate cloth with the clothes we wear and licking cloth is the same as licking us.  Rabbits will lick their people to show affection.  So I like to think he’s loving on me even when I’m not there 🙂


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