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Diggy Box

Crispin has been a bad bunny lately.


The other week we bought a black indoor/outdoor carpet to put down in Crispin and Junie’s play area.  Crispin likes digging at our (rental apartment) carpet, which will make it difficult for us to get our security deposit returned one day.  We figure it’s better for him to chew on the cheap carpet than our rental one.  The cheap carpet is, however, cheap, and Crispin can chew a hole in it in about 15 seconds.  So we still have to keep an eye on him.


This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for church.  Five minutes, no joke, five minutes go by without me checking on him and he’s pulled the carpet through the bars of their fence and has chewed a massive hole (or ten) in it.  Having finally had enough, I quickly threw together a diggy box.  Crispin likes to dig, so why not put a bunch of stuff in a box and put it over the spot on the carpet where he likes to dig?  He’ll have fun and our cheap carpet will be saved some holes.


So I got a box, cut off the lid flaps and put a bunch of shredded paper packaging in it.  He and Junie got in to explore this new thing in their area.


What is this stuff?

Junie enjoyed pushing the packaging paper around.

Here they are being good little bunnies:

After a few minutes of poking and prodding the stuff, Crispin decided that was boring and started work on a new project.  Rather than digging in the packaging paper like he’s supposed to, he chose to push it all out of the way and chew on the edge of the box.

Chew, chew, chew, chew, chew….

Then Junie decided to get in on the action:


After an hour or so in the morning and a few hours this afternoon, their diggy box looks like this:


We turned it around and they started chewing on the other end, too.

Crispin stands by his handiwork.

I think Crispin thought the main idea of this box was to create a barrier between him and his precious carpet.  And he’s right.  So he valiantly took on the challenge of destroying the box to get back to the carpet.  Silly bunny…

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Before we get to the digging, here’s a picture of Nibbles being served by his human slaves:

He was too lazy to come out of his house, so Matt lifted the plate for him to eat.  [Just a few bites…not the whole plate.]

Anyway, on to the digging!  Junie and Crispin LOVE digging at the carpet.  This is a problem in our rental apartment.  So we let them chew and dig at cardboard panels that Matt picks up at work.  We stick them under the gate and they tear and chew and rip until there’s nothing left but tiny little paper scraps that their lovely caretakers clean up.  It’s gotten a bit intense over the last couple days, as you can see from this video:

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