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Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Crispin the Magically Shedding Bunny

We’ve been so busy lately.  School, classes, jobs, sick Lucy…ahh!!  In addition to all that, Nibbles, Crispin, AND Junie have all been going through a massive shed.  Nibbles’ fur looks horribly patchy, Junie has little chunks falling off her, and Crispin is leaving white fur EVERYWHERE.  I’ve been grooming them in the tub a couple times each this week,  and it’s helped, but they have so much coming off, it’s impossible to get it all.  This little video shows just a small sample of how much fur is on a bunny…


Grooming…with Junie

Nibbles is FINALLY nearing the end of his massive shedding.  He probably has a few more weeks until he’s really done, but it should be lighter than the last month.  I was so glad that we would have a little less bunny fur floating around in the air.  Then I realized…Junie was shedding.  Pretty bad.


More tub dates for us!!


She apparently decided it was time for a massive shed, too, so I figured I should get her in on the tub date action.  Unlike Nibbles who can be picked up with some effort, Junie absolutely will NOT let you pick her up.  She squirms and jumps so much I can’t keep hold of her.  So I pulled out the carrier.  As soon as she saw that she started thumping at me.  I cornered her near her pen and she wanted so desperately to get away that she JUMPED up onto the pen wall and was trying to scramble up onto the top to escape.  Thankfully I got her down quickly and stuffed her stubborn butt into the carrier.


Once in the tub, I started brushing.  Unlike Nibbles (again), she doesn’t just lay down and take it.  She was hopping around everywhere, crawling on me, and generally trying to figure out in her little bunny head how to get away.  I managed to get a fair amount off of her (in between picture-taking)…






…before taking her back to her pen.  Thumping ensued (Crispin at 0:14 and Junie at 0:31 and 0:40):

She’s now slightly less hairy.  I predict more tub dates in her future.

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Nibbles Thumps His Disapproval

Since Nibbles is shedding so heavily at the moment, I’m taking him to the tub for almost nightly grooming sessions.  It’s definitely not his favorite activity.  After we finish, I carry him home.  Predictably, after I’ve put him down, he thumps at me to show his displeasure.  I become the treat dispenser (Junie usually gets in on this action, too) and all is forgiven (I guess).  See it for yourself:


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Nibbles and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

…yes, I teach primary age students.  Why do you ask?
[Everyone should read this book if you haven’t…just sayin’.]


Anyway, the bunnies had a very bad day.  Nibbles has had the worst day.  It started pleasantly enough, but soon, they were stuffed into carriers, loaded into the car, and driven to…


the vet.


Just to get their nails clipped.  But still.  The torture…TOR-CHAAAAA!!!!


Upon returning home, the bunnies were set free in their homes and Matt went off to work.  When he returned that afternoon, he found our apartment had been invaded by a maintenance crew.  Their loud knocking, banging, and fixing had clearly disturbed the bunnies.  I received this little snippet of their afternoon from Matt in an email:

“Maintenance guys are outside fixing the outside of the living room windows and they are inside taking care of a crack in the ceiling right now.  Needless to say, the bunnies have had a rather rough day so far.  I had let them out when I got home, but I had to heard them back inside when they came around to do the ceiling.  Junie had been hiding in the tunnel.  Poor thing–when I slid her out of the tunnel she bolted for the door of the cage.  Problem was that I’d closed it behind Crisipin already.  Fortunately I had only put 1 clip on it, so she crashed right through the door and hid in the back corner.  Poor buns.”

When I got home, petting and snuggles abounded and all seemed well.  At least it was for Crispin and Junie.  But, oh Nibbles.  He had more coming…

Nibbles started shedding a couple weeks ago and it’s gotten really bad.  Sometimes bunnies have a light shed and other times it’s very heavy.  Nibbles is in the middle of a HEAVY shed.  So we’ve been having frequent tub dates so I can brush him clean of all the loose fur.  After his tough day, I thought we would be okay to skip a night.  But as I was petting him and mounds of hair was coming off every which way, I knew we had to have our little date.  I dragged him into the tub and started combing.  Poor boy.  His coat looks awful!

Once I returned him to his house, he THUMPED at me to demand his traditional after-grooming treat.  He had already had several treats earlier in the day for the other injustices that had befallen him, but I couldn’t say no.  I gave him a small papaya tablet, which he gladly took.  He must not have been too angry because shortly after that he licked my pants.

On the up side (for me, not really for Nibbles), he has been much more willing to be picked up the last two nights.  Usually I have to chase him around his pen, cover his eyes with my hand (which he tries to buck off), and generally wear him down before he’ll give me a brief chance to grab him.  Yesterday and today, though, I just had to cover his eyes and he let me pick him up with no running and chasing!  A very pleasing development!  Let’s hope this continues.

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Buns on Laps

I love having a bunny on my lap.  They’re all warm and fuzzy and soft.  Unfortunately, Junie stopped hopping on my lap at age 9(ish) weeks.  Nibbles has never willingly hopped on my lap.  Crispin, though, will hop up on a lap from time to time.


C lapHoppin’ up.

C lap kissesCrispin, reaching up for kisses.

There is one occasion where Nibbles is so uncomfortable that he will half climb into my lap in hopes of escaping.  Yes, that’s right:  the dreaded bathtub.  A couple nights ago, he started resting his head on my crossed legs and smushing himself as close to me as possible, trying to get away from the grooming brush.  It’s now his go-to position in the tub.

Poor nibbles.

Closer up to see the pain.

Comforting the poor bunny as best I can.

He’ll be a snuggle bun yet!

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