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Happy Birthday, Crispin and Junie!

Tomorrow, November 19th, is Junie’s 1st birthday.  We’re not sure when Crispin was born, but based on other information we do have from his previous owners, we’re guessing that he and Junie are nearly the same age.  So we’re celebrating their birthdays together!


I ordered them the mini-haven from Binky Bunny.  It’s like a maze/tower contraption.  Check it out!

Lots to explore!

We took out the Box Kingdom and put this in.  Both bunnies were very interested!

Junie debates whether entering this new thing is a good idea or not.

Meanwhile, Crispin’s already inside exploring.

Junie ventures in eventually.

Crispin jumps up to the second level!

Hello out there!

There’s more up here?!

Junie pokes her head up to level 2.

Looks like the coast is clear!

Hey there!

Junie takes a dive out the window.

Neither of them have jumped all the way up to the top yet (maybe that’s a good thing??), but I’m sure they will eventually.  They’ve had fun jumping inside and out and they’ve already begun chewing on various parts of it.

Happy Birthday, Crispin and Junie!!

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Happy Birthday, Nibbles!

Tomorrow, August 19th, will be Nibbles’ first birthday!  I’ve been thinking about what to get him for awhile now (I like giving presents, okay?!) and had settled on the Cottontail Cottage from BinkyBunny.com quite some time ago.  It arrived in the mail two weeks ago and I finally was able to give Nibbles his present tonight.  Tomorrow will be a bit busy with other goings on so we’re celebrating early.


I assembled it last night because I was so excited!!  I want one for me, too, only people sized.  It’s like a bunny fort!

CC for NCottontail Cottage!!

It has doors and windows and everything!

It has three levels with ramps between each of them.

After dinner, we took Nibbles’ old box out.  It was pretty good when we first gave it to him, but it’s definitely seen better days.  Tape was coming off, hair was everywhere, and…well, see for yourself:

Eating his last piece of hay in the old box.

Lots of hair.  Yuck.

Yucky tape and old grossness.  Nibbles love it, though.

Then, we put the new Cottontail Cottage in his pen.  Nibbles had so much fun exploring it!  The only down side was we had to seal off the third/top level.  The way we had to situate it meant there wasn’t much room on top and he kept looking like he was going to try to jump down from there to the ground.  But the rest is awesome!  I took a ton of pictures.  He’s already chewing on it and chinning everything in it, too.

What’s this thing?

Can I go in?

I’m not sure about this…

About to go in…

This is pretty neat!

There’s more upstairs??

A second level!

I see Nibbles!

Now I’m WAY up high!

A little too high, if you ask me.  He wasn’t quite sure how to get down for a minute or two!

I’ll be back later!

Happy Birthday, Nibbles!

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