A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Crispin the Magically Shedding Bunny

We’ve been so busy lately.  School, classes, jobs, sick Lucy…ahh!!  In addition to all that, Nibbles, Crispin, AND Junie have all been going through a massive shed.  Nibbles’ fur looks horribly patchy, Junie has little chunks falling off her, and Crispin is leaving white fur EVERYWHERE.  I’ve been grooming them in the tub a couple times each this week,  and it’s helped, but they have so much coming off, it’s impossible to get it all.  This little video shows just a small sample of how much fur is on a bunny…


A Weekend with the Bunnies

Here is our bunny weekend summary:


1.  Junie and Crispin have pretty much destroyed the new fun willow toy they got on Wednesday.  Also, we bought an indoor/outdoor rug to cover their run around space.  Now if they dig at it, they won’t be digging at the apartment carpet!

Crispin is finishing off some of the last bits.

R.I.P. Twigloo.

2.  Junie continues to be an extremely stubborn bunny when it comes to getting brushed.  She has all these little tufts of fur hangin’ off her behind and she jumps away whenever you even move toward her to grab some.

Junie’s “skirt.”  All the white bits are bits that should be picked off.

There are also several bits on her sides.  Please notice her disgruntled bunny stare.

3.  Nibbles played “Where’s Waldo?” yesterday.  Can you spot him??

Where’s Nibbles???

I call that corner of his pen his office because it’s where he stashes all the torn up bits of paper he has.

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