A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Snuggles with Nibbles

on October 27, 2012

I love snuggling with Nibbles in his pen.  Sometimes I get in on my own, but sometimes I am summoned to join him.  Nibbles demands your presence by ether chewing on the bars to get your attention, or he sits on his shelf and looks at you while you’re sitting on the sofa.  Sort of like this:


Ears up.  He’s ready for attention.

Head tilted.  “You will join me now?”

How can you say no to that?  Once I climb into the pen, he’ll hop down and snuggle up:

Cozy, cozy.

So relaxed.

When he’s satisfied with the petting he’s received, he’ll hop back up onto the shelf.

Some part of him is always touching the black bars.  Always.


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