A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Baking Treats

on October 20, 2012

I have seen several recipes for baked bunny treats on a couple sites now.  Today, I decided to try making some.  I read a few recipes and came up with this one based on the ingredients I had available in my pantry:
1/4 c. rabbit pellets

1/4 c. Quaker oats

2 oz. applesauce baby food jar

small pinch of rabbit hay

I pulsed the pellets and oats in a coffee grinder, then mixed them together in a bowl.  I added the applesauce and mixed it until it started clumping.  I pulsed the hay in the grinder, too, just to break down the long strands a bit.  I added that to the mix and a splash of water.  On a parchment paper lined baking sheet, I pressed the mixture into a patty about 1/4″ thick.  Baked at 350 for 40 minutes.  Half way through baking, I flipped the whole thing over.  After 40 minutes, it looked like this:

It probably doesn’t look all that great to you, but it smelled really good!

I let it cool a bit, then broke it up into a bunch of pieces.  I let the bunnies sample it when it was completely cooled.  Crispin and Nibbles seemed to like it a lot.  Junie munched on her piece, but left a bunch on the floor, so I don’t know if she was quite as crazy about it.


Junie can’t decide if she really likes it or not.

Crispin has no problem deciding.

Nibbles ate his right up…

…even though he was a bit tired.


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