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A Great Deal!

on October 17, 2012

Wag.com:  It’s a pet supply website that mainly has items for cats and dogs, but they do have a fairly nice selection of items for small animals, including (of course!) rabbits!  A while ago (not sure how long…couple months maybe?) I created an account to order some stuff, but then decided not to.  Fast forward to Monday.  I got an email from them saying I had been given a $15 credit on my account–no strings attached!  I checked it out and they had indeed put $15 in my account!  I was able to buy three things for the bunnies and only paid $5 in shipping costs.  One of the great things about the order (besides the free money to spend!) was that the order I placed Monday afternoon got here today (Wednesday)!  I live in VA and the order shipped from PA.

I would definitely recommend signing up for their site if you have pets–maybe you’ll get the credit, too!  It was certainly a nice surprise.


Anyway, the bunnies seem to really like the stuff they got so far.  I’m saving the bag of timothy hay cubes for later.  Gotta spread out the presents, ya know?  Don’t want those bunnies to be too spoiled… 😉


First up, Nibbles’ new toy.  It looks kinda gross, but it’s a dowel rod with dried apple slices wrapped around it!

Nibbles tentatively takes a sniff and a lick.

Nibbles tests it out.

I think he likes it!

Intense bunny chewing face = toy success!

The destruction after just a few minutes.

Next, Crispin and Junie were introduced to their new toy.

It seems unassuming enough.  A wicker basket that can double as a hiding spot.

Nothing too fancy.

Crispin checks it out first.

It’s good!

Now Junie hops over to make sure Crispin’s not having all the fun.


Both of them sat there for quite a while, just chewing away.

I’ll let you know how the timothy hay cubes go over with the bunnies later.  Since it’s food, I’m guessing they’ll like it well enough!


One response to “A Great Deal!

  1. […] Junie and Crispin have pretty much destroyed the new fun willow toy they got on Wednesday.  Also, we bought an indoor/outdoor rug to cover their run around space.  Now if they dig at it, […]

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