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An Outing for Junie and Crispin

on October 16, 2012

We’ve let Nibbles roam around the apartment before.  So last night it was finally Junie and Crispin’s turn.  We opened up their regular pen and let them explore the dining room and hallway.  Lucky for us, both of the bunnies (like Nibbles) do not like going onto the linoleum in the kitchen!  Natural bunny-proofing.  Anyway, here are some (…a lot of…) pictures from their evening adventure:


Junie was slightly timid at first.  Yes, there was thumping.


Crispin bounds back into their regular pen to make sure all is safe at home.

Crispin explores off-limits areas.


Junie sprints down the hallway.


Crispin moved too fast to get very good pictures!

Crispin developed a love affair with the door stoppers.  He chinned ALL of them.  Multiple times.


Junie takes a quick break to pose for the camera.

Can I squeeze under there?  Naah…

Sniffin’ around.

This picture looks like Crispin is…umm…ready to go boom-boom, but I just caught him mid-turn.  Promise.

They finally slowed down enough for me to get a picture of them together!

Again…not boom-boom…just awkward camera timing.


“Can I jump it?”

Plotting their next exploration strategy.

More door stopper love.

Finally taking a break…

…but just for a second.  Matt lay down and instantly became a climbing toy!

Very fun!

Hoppin’ down.

Junie’s turn!

No more pictures!  *sticking out tongue*

Junie decides a break is in order, too.

Video of their exploits coming soon!


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