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An Outing for Nibbles

on September 25, 2012

We used to let Nibbles out of his pen fairly frequently.  But after Crispin came along, it was harder to let Nibbles roam around the living room like we used to.  For one thing, any time Nibbles was over near Junie and Crispin’s area, he would poop (or worse, pee) to mark “his” territory.  And, almost worse than the peeing, was that Nibbles would bite them through the bars!  So we just haven’t bothered with letting him out for awhile.  He has plenty of space in his pen, so it’s not necessary, but it is fun.


Tonight, I decided to put up some gates and barriers and let Nibbles roam around again.  Predictably, he and Crispin tried to get at each other a couple times, but I scooted them apart quickly.  Nibbles really seemed to enjoy his outing, in case it’s not evident from the following:



One response to “An Outing for Nibbles

  1. Karen says:

    Hey Nibbles! Looks like you had a good time tearin’ it up!!! Love the air you got on your leaps! I’ll have to bring Bunny Mama some raisons for ya.

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