A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Grooming…with Junie

on September 20, 2012

Nibbles is FINALLY nearing the end of his massive shedding.  He probably has a few more weeks until he’s really done, but it should be lighter than the last month.  I was so glad that we would have a little less bunny fur floating around in the air.  Then I realized…Junie was shedding.  Pretty bad.


More tub dates for us!!


She apparently decided it was time for a massive shed, too, so I figured I should get her in on the tub date action.  Unlike Nibbles who can be picked up with some effort, Junie absolutely will NOT let you pick her up.  She squirms and jumps so much I can’t keep hold of her.  So I pulled out the carrier.  As soon as she saw that she started thumping at me.  I cornered her near her pen and she wanted so desperately to get away that she JUMPED up onto the pen wall and was trying to scramble up onto the top to escape.  Thankfully I got her down quickly and stuffed her stubborn butt into the carrier.


Once in the tub, I started brushing.  Unlike Nibbles (again), she doesn’t just lay down and take it.  She was hopping around everywhere, crawling on me, and generally trying to figure out in her little bunny head how to get away.  I managed to get a fair amount off of her (in between picture-taking)…






…before taking her back to her pen.  Thumping ensued (Crispin at 0:14 and Junie at 0:31 and 0:40):

She’s now slightly less hairy.  I predict more tub dates in her future.


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