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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

on September 13, 2012

I was really hoping to bring Crispin home today.  Junie was definitely not quite herself last night and we all missed Crispin.  I got an email from our wonderful vet (who stopped by today on his day off to check in on Crispin) early this afternoon:

“I checked on Crispin and he remains really bright and alert but his fecal output still remains small in size and number. I would have no problem sending him home tonight with you both if you feel comfortable giving him oral medications and assist feeding him. That way, if he’s at home, hopefully his GI tract will start moving a little faster…

But if you think medicating him twice daily will be next to impossible for right now, we have no problem keeping him too…. sometimes it takes a few days for them to really get back on their feet.”

I called them and told them I would head over after school let out to pick up our sweet bun!  They had a whole write up done for me on everything that had happened for Crispin since Tuesday night plus a description of his meds and how to administer them.  He has four liquid meds to take plus critical care food.  It’s basically crushed up pellets that you add water to to make a paste.  Delicious!!


So far he hasn’t touched the stuff, but he is eating hay which is good.  If he doesn’t eat this stuff, I guess I’ll go ahead and give him some regular pellets.  He has to be hungry, poor bunny!  He seemed like he really wanted Junie’s salad, but I’d think pellets are gentler on the tummy than greens.

More updates to come!

******UPDATE:  Video here.********


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