A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

A Surprise Vet Visit

on September 1, 2012

This morning when I (finally) woke up (around 9:50 a.m.) I spent some time petting the bunnies.  Nibbles and Junie were their regular selves, but Crispin kept making these odd noises.  It sound like a congested honking noise.  He was also sneezing quite a bit and had some discharge from his nose. I took a quick video and you can hear some of it (turn up your sound).  Listen especially at the beginning (0:01-0:08 seconds) and toward the end (around 0:25)  for that soft congested sound:

We’ve never had a sick bunny before, so I didn’t know if all this was something to really be worried about or not.  I called the vet and Dr. Crum recommended coming in so that in case there was a problem, it could be taken care of now and not later when it’s potentially worse.  I quickly packed up Crispin and headed out.

They were able to see him very quickly and within 30 minutes, Dr. Crum had some results for me.  They took a nose culture and he said Crispin does have quite a bit of gunk up there.  The culture will be sent out for analysis and we should get the official results in about a week.  He gave us some antibiotics for now and if the culture reveals something specific, we can medicate for that next.  Crispin was not too happy about having strange objects stuffed up his nose and didn’t want to take the meds, but Dr. Crum got some down his throat.

When we got home, Crispin flicked his feet at me a couple times (quite emphatically), but he seems okay now.  Hopefully our antibiotics will take care of his cold and we won’t have to do anything more!


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