A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

A New Box + Weird Poses

on August 24, 2012

Today I brought home a new box for Junie and Crispin to play with.  I cut a hole, turned it upside down, and let them have at it.

The New Box.


Suspicious!  “What is this new thing and where is our old tunnel??”

“I’ll just take a quick peek inside…”

“New things are scary!!  Run away!  Run away!!”

“Hey, Junie, it’s not half bad in here!”

“I can has ins?”

Soon after Junie went inside, Crispin decided the box wasn’t exactly where it should be.  This is what happened next:

I knew if they moved the box too close to the black pen gate…then jumped on top of the box…well, I didn’t feel like chasing bunnies throughout the apartment today.  So I flipped the box and let them explore a NEWER Box!!

“It’s so different!”

“Hello out there!”

Junie explores, too.

Then the bunnies grew tired of this Newer Box and hopped around and did other bunny-things.  “Other bunny-things” include going through tunnels, grooming each other, and shoving their heads under the other bunny’s head in attempts to get groomed as seen in this video:

And now for some unrelated, though very weird, poses from Crispin and Junie:

C WeirdCrispin flopped over and his front paws went through the gate while his back paws where off the ground.

J WeirdUsually, bunnies sit on their back feet and curl their front paws under them, kind of like a cat.  Sometimes, though, Junie will stretch her front paws out and stick her back feet out on the side.  It looks hilarious!


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