A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Snuggle Buns

on July 29, 2012

OK, so Junie isn’t much of a snuggle bun, but Crispin sure is.  He’s happy to let you pet him for as long as you like.  If you’re not paying attention to him, he’ll come right over and let you know that you should be paying attention.


C attention“Hey, you forgot about me for a second.”

C shoulder“LOVE ME!!!”

J aloofJunie disapproves of your trying to pet her.

CCrispin looking for someone to pet him.

C Groom“If you won’t pet me, I’ll just have to groom myself.”

C&J jumpCrispin trying to get grooming from Junie.  Junie decided to jump just as I snapped the picture.

C box“Any pets out there?”


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