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Grooming Nibbles

on July 25, 2012

Nibbles sheds quite a bit when it’s shedding time (which is just about year-round).  Bunnies groom themselves like cats and are very clean, but when they shed, they ingest a lot of hair.  Unlike cats, who can cough up hairballs, rabbits cannot do that.  Thus, any hair they ingest in their many grooming sessions must pass through their digestive system and come out the other end.  If they ingest too much and their bodies cannot process it fast enough, hairballs form and can block their system.  This can cause illness and even death.


To prevent any such disaster, we brush the bunnies with a special comb designed to pull out dead fur.  Crispin loves being pet and tolerates the brush, so we just brush him in the pen when he’s lying down.  Junie won’t let you get near her with the brush, but she doesn’t shed too much and she has very thin, short hair (unlike the boys).  Nibbles has thick, fairly long hairs and needs to be brushed.  He, however, hates the brush and won’t sit still at all in his pen.  So, in order to save our precious bunny from any medical evils, I take him to the bathtub.  For whatever reason the bathtub transforms Nibbles into a pick-up-able, placid bunny who lets me brush him.


Slightly concerned about the upcoming events.

Exploring the surroundings.

Marking his territory.  *sigh*

A present from Nibbles.  He’s claimed the towel for himself.

In position for grooming.

The dreaded brush.

After brushing:  the haul.

After I was done brushing the poor little bun, I carried him back to his pen.  He growled and thumped at me, but then we were best friends again after I gave him a treat.  I’m so nice.  Then I went back to the tub to clean up his “markings” from the towel.

Not Cocoa Puffs.


One response to “Grooming Nibbles

  1. Mom says:

    One marker would have done the job, I dare say! That’s a lot of “Puffs” for one little rabbit!

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