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The Tunnel

on July 16, 2012

Several weeks ago, I started construction on a tunnel.


Bunnies love running through small spaces like tunnels, so I thought this would be a fun toy for them to play with.  Well, they LOVE it!  I made it out of 12 pack soda boxes and clear packing tape.  They run through it a lot, but they can also chew on it and push it around with their noses.

TunnelThe tunnel from above.

I trimmed off the sealed ends of the boxes, then taped them together.  The Minute Maid box has an entrance into the Sierra Mist box.  There’s also a hole on the top of the Sunkist box that goes up into the Hawaiian Punch box.  [Disclaimer:  This makes us look like soda junkies.  We are not.  It takes us a long time to go through the amount of soda that were in these boxes!  I just saved them up and have added to it as we empty new boxes.]

Tunnel 2Floor view.

Tunnel enterEnter the tunnel!

Both Junie and new bunny enjoy scurrying through the tunnel and poking their heads out the other end.  When we let Nibbles run around in the hallway, I’ll put it out for him to use, too.  He likes hiding in it 🙂

J TunnelAnyone in there?

R TunnelAdjusting things to his liking.

R Tunnel 2Making sure no one is watching…

R inside TunnelIn he goes!

They also like climbing on top of it as a lookout.  It’s a lot of fun to watch them run around inside and around it!

Tired of tunneling…pit stop for pets:



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