A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

The Love-Buns are Home!

on July 9, 2012

Junie and her new friend are finally home.  I know, I know…they were gone for only a weekend.  But we really did miss Juniper!  And we’re so excited to have a friend for her.  He is a total sweetheart!  He’s so comfortable with me and Matt and acts like he’s lived here his whole life.  He’s more than willing to lay down for pets and snuggles.

They’ve been running around exploring their home, eating a TON of hay and pellets, and coming over to us for pets.  It was so nice seeing Junie be groomed since Nibbles never groomed her and it was obvious that she craved it.

Nibbles has not been a happy camper since he figured out what was going on.  I think he thought that Junie had just magically disappeared and was gone forever over the weekend.  He was running back and forth in his cage (which is right next to their cage).  New bunny stuck his nose through the bars toward Nibbles and Nibbles immediately started nipping at him.  Although, just like Junie, he kept his nose right where it was even when Nibbles kept nipping him!  We fixed that fast by putting some flat cardboard sheets in between the cages.  Nibbles still seems a bit agitated, but hopefully he’ll get over it soon.

I keep waiting for them to flop over and sleep (they must be exhausted!), but so far they’ve been very active.  I’ll try to get some better pictures of the two of them together when they’re a little calmer.  But here’s what I do have:

More to come!


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