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Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Junie Update! Plus, Toy Ideas

on July 8, 2012

I got an update last night on how Junie and new bunny are getting along.  I was told there has been absolutely no fighting and that new bunny is no longer trying to mount Junie.  Apparently, they’re getting along like old friends!  I was so excited to hear this and am hoping we can bring them home early this coming week.

Yesterday, I started cleaning out her NIC cage area so that it would be fresh and not smell like her.  Today we’ll finish by cleaning out Nibbles’ area and putting it all back together.  It’s kind of a big job…but it’ll be nice to have it fresh and super clean again!  I also made some fun new toys for the love-buns.  They were easy to make and hopefully they’ll enjoy playing with them.  I bet you could make them for your bunnies, too!

tube toyI made this by fraying the edges of one paper towel tube, then cutting two smallish holes in the middle on the sides.  I stuck a second paper towel tube through the holes and then frayed the edges of that one, too.

tube toy 2Angle 2, showing side holes.

stick tubeFor this toy, I used scissors to poke small holes around the toilet paper tube.  Then I took some willow sticks and pushed them through one hole and out the other side.

sticks 2A second toilet paper tube with willow sticks.  This one has two criss-cross patterns on the top and bottom.  You could also stuff this one with hay.

sticks 3Another angle showing the criss-crossing pattern.

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