A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Quiet Evening…

on July 6, 2012

This morning, I loaded Junie into a brand-spankin’-new travel carrier (big enough for two) and took her to the first stop on her way to the bunny bonding expert.  The poor girl has probably had a long day.  We arrived at transport stop #1 (new bunny’s foster mom’s house) at 10 a.m. this morning.  She was going to take her and new bunny an hour away to her work (transport stop #2).  Then a friend was going to take them from her work to the bunny expert’s house another half hour away (transport stop #3).  Hopefully the little lady made it okay and isn’t too scared.


I felt so bad leaving her at transport stop #1.  I couldn’t explain to her what was happening.  I couldn’t tell her that everything was okay and that she would be fine.  I couldn’t say that she would be back home in just a few days.  What this poor girl has had to go through just to get a bunny friend is ridiculous!  Hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end.


So, with Juniper gone, tonight’s been oddly quiet.  Not that she normally makes a ton of noise or anything, but with just Nibbles here, it seems funny.  He seems to notice that she’s gone, too.  Pray that all goes well with the two of them bonding and we can bring them home soon!!


Our lovely Junie:

puff ball




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