A Very Bunny Existence

Life with a husband and 3 bunnies.

Nibbles + Junie ≠ Love

on July 6, 2012

The ultimate intention of adopting Junie was to provide a bunny friend for ol’ Nibbles.  After both bunnies were neutered, spayed, and had been given the appropriate amount of time to recover, we began the bunny bonding process.  In case you’re unfamiliar with this, bunnies don’t just “get along.”  If you put them together in a cage without the proper introductions, they’d probably kill each other.  No joke.  You have to slowly introduce a pair of bunnies in a neutral territory over a period of time to get them used to each other.  Then, when things are going well, you can move them in together so to speak.

I read everything I could find about bunny bonding.  I asked questions on forums, wrote down ideas, and printed out instructions.  I was ready.  So we began.  Aaaaand, Nibbles hated Junie.  He would lunge at her, nip at her, and generally do whatever was necessary to get her away from him.

Nibbles trying to chew through the bars to attack little Junie.

Junie, on the other hand, would slowly approach Nibbles, head low, heart willing and offer grooming services.  Her pay was usually more nipping and fur pulling.  Poor Juniper.  After months of 4-7 bunny “dates” a week and not much progress, we decided to stop.  The bunnies were stressed, Junie was scared of Nibbles, and Nibbles just didn’t want her.

Nibbles seems to be happy as a lone bachelor.  He loves me and Matt, but I guess he’s happy without a bunny friend.  Whatever floats your boat, little guy.

Junie, however, was another story.  She sticks her nose through the bars of their connected cages and sniffs at him.  She lays down on the other side of the bars when he’s laying down against them.  She seems so desperate for a bunny friend.  Unfortunately, she’s not going to find it in Nibbles.  What to do?  She seems so lonely.

aloneAll alone…

The only solution I could think of was to adopt a friend for her!  So today, Junie and new bunny are going away on their “Bunnymoon.”  I can’t wait to get them back next week!  I hope Junie and new bunny become fast friends.  I’ll give updates as I hear how they’re progressing.


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